A Look At Card Counting Detection Technology

Card counting is one of the many methods used by gamblers in order to give themselves an advantage over the casino. By learning how to count cards in blackjack, a gambler can significantly reduce the house edge and turn it to his advantage. Here we will look at the newest trends used in detecting card counters.

Modern day casinos are well aware of the presence of card counters in their gambling floor. Gamblers who are caught counting cards will be banned from the establishment. In the state of Nevada, for instance, the Trespass Act bans card counters for one year.

Experienced card counters use a different identity and change their playing habits. However, with the help of a facial recognition program, the identity of a disguising gambler can most of the time match that of a banned personality.

But then again, most seasoned gamblers disprove this statement. The Card Counter’s Guide to Casino Surveillance, a book published by a surveillance director in a Las Vegas casino, likewise declares this fact as an exaggeration. Close to 100 American casinos solicit the help of Griffin Investigations, a consulting company, in monitoring players who will try to count cards in blackjack. However, the company closed its business as a consequence of a libel suit filed by professional players.

A number of automated technologies have been introduced to catch card counters. For instance, the MindPlay system is used to scan the value of cards for the full deck after they are shuffled before they are played. Another technology namely the ShuffleMaster Intelligent Shoe system is used for individually scanning the count of the cards as they are dealt from the shoe.

In addition, technologies such as Bloodhound and Protec21 permits voice input on cards and bet values, designed for determining player advantage. One of the latest innovations is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which is embedded in the chips so that the bet amounts can be automatically monitored.

Moreover, the use of automatic card readers can make preferential shuffling easier. This is the process of letting the dealer reshuffle cards when the odds will work to the advantage of the player. To reduce liability risks, some of these systems have been devised in such a way that it would not send data over the Internet until the conclusion of the shoe.

Due to the availability of card values as well as betting and play decisions, casinos utilized the accuracy of play and changes in the pattern of play in detecting attempts to count cards in blackjack.

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