Month: November 2018


Casino Countermeasures Against Card Counting

Most casinos spread the word that to count cards in blackjack is illegal. The truth of the matter is that card counting is a perfectly legitimate strategy. No United States jurisdiction or statute prohibits gamblers from counting cards. However, most casinos still provide the game even if they know that skilled players can benefit from it.

The reason why casinos prohibit card counters from playing blackjack is because they do not want to lose money. Las Vegas casinos ban card counters from their halls because it is a private establishment and the owner has the prerogative to choose who they will permit to enter their premises.

Casinos have invested a lot of money and effort in trying to foil attempts to count cards in blackjack. Among the newest technologies used by casinos to combat card counting are surveillance cameras, computerized programs, scanners, multiple splitting, rule modification for splitting, doubling down, or multiple hands.

Some states, such as Nevada, are not allowed to implement these countermeasures. In New Jersey and some other states, casinos have the option to implement restrictions on the countermeasures against skilled gamblers.

However, these countermeasures likewise offer some disadvantages to the the casino. Shuflling the cards several times decreases the playing time of gamblers who are not counting cards and eventually it will decrease the winnings of the house. As a remedy for such problem, casinos now utilize automatede shuffling machines. A deck of carrds is simultaneously shuffled while another deck of cards is being used in play.

Some other models such as the Continuous Shuffle Machine lets the dealer return dealt cards to a shoe without interrupting play. These machines are perfect for eliminating whatever advantage gamblers can get from traditional card counting strategies. In online gambling, shuffling is done at the beginning of a new round which always gives the advantage to the casino.

In some instances, pitbosses who suspect that a player is counting cards approaches the player and invites them to play other games aside from blackjack or ban the counter from the casino. In states where banning players is not allowed, pitbosses requires the players to make a flat wager and prohibits them from joining the game in the middle of the shoe. This is an effective strategy in eliminating whatever advantage the gambler will have from playing multiple decks.

Another countermeasure that casinos implement against players who count cards in blackjack …

Card Counting Guide For Novice Players

The main reason why blackjack is one of the more popular casino games is the fact that it is a combination of skill and decision making. Making it even more interesting is the concept of card counting which allows a player to tilt the house advantage to their favor.

For a novice player, to count cards in blackjack can be something quite daunting. The common notion about counting cards is that one needs to monitor each card dealt and that it entails exceptional mathematical skills. In truth, both of these statements are not true.

In reality, when we say card counting, it does not mean that you would count and recall a particular card. Instead, you will only monitor them as they are dealt from the shoe in order to determine the number of remaining cards in the deck. You will then designate a point value to every card in the deck and then monitor the total score, known as the “count.”

Card counting is grounded from the presumption that high cards are advantageous to the player as opposed to low cards which can work to the benefit of the dealer. Most card counting systems follow the same procedure and that is to designate various point values to different cards.

One of the most common methods of card counting is the Hi-Lo Count. In this system, a value of +1 is assigned to cards numbered 2 through 6, cards with a value of ten as well as aces have a count of -1 while 7,8, and 9 have a designated value of zero.

The Hi-Lo System is an example of Level One counting method. In a Level 2 card counting system, certain cards are given a value of +2 and -2. At the onset, these might give them added accuracy. However, most authorities reveal that this extra accuracy is compensated by the higher difficulty of maintaining a count as well as the added possibility of committing an error.

While it may be a challenging task to count cards in blackjack, the expected profit, the time spent, and the effort, can be worth it. You can look forward to getting an “unfair advantage” by using an effective card counting system. There is no evidence that casinos have found a way to beat card counters.

However, you need to bear in mind that even though the act of counting cards is not …